Docker Container lose settings after Update

Hey Folks,

we are having a strange issue
If we update our Mattermost-Dockercontainer we lose all our settings and Usercontent.
We followed the Documentation and mapped the required path out of the Container to persist them.

We did the last 2-3 Updates with these issue and it persist, so it is not a Version issue it looks like a general issue.

These are our volumes:
- /data/app/mattermost/config:/mattermost/config:rw
- /data/app/mattermost/data:/mattermost/data:rw
- /data/app/mattermost/logs:/mattermost/logs:rw
- /data/app/mattermost/plugins:/mattermost/plugins:rw
- /data/app/mattermost/client-plugins:/mattermost/client/plugins:rw
- /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro

We are using Dockerimage from

Any hints?

Best regards

Thanks for the report! Have reached out to one of the Docker maintainers - in the meantime, anyone in the community open to helping?

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Issue is solved
It was an old 18.x Dockerversion on the Mattermost Server :roll_eyes: