Docker self-hosted mattermost and android push notification problem


I have installed a docker self-hosted E0 enterprise server. It works very well.
I configure the TPNS push notification with url
The desktop, email notifications works well.
I have installed the mattermost app store application and the push notifications works.
I have a problem with Android push notification with this configuration. No push notification are received. I configured debug logging on the server and no trace of push notifications in notifications.log

I use default google store Mattermost application. I remove and re-install it to confirm the problem

I installed GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-docker: Dockerfile for mattermost in production docker-compose project (currently 5.30.1)

Steps to reproduce

Use docker-compose project in GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-docker: Dockerfile for mattermost in production
Use default google store Mattermost app

Expected behavior

Push notifications appears in my Android 9 phone

Observed behavior

No push notifications in my Android Phone. The Mobile app seems to work well with the other functionalities

We have a ticket open to investigate push notification issues that could be related to this:

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I try to access to the ticket but the access is denied

Similar setup. Experiencing the same issue. E-mail and desktop notifications working flawlessly. Able to receive notifications from the Mattermost classic, but no notifications from Mattermost or Mattermost Beta from Google Play store. The device I’m having trouble with is running Android 10. As a test, I installed Mattermost from Google Play store on an Android Oreo device (same account) and notifications worked as expected. When I inspect debug logs, it’s as if the Android 10 device isn’t subscribed at all. No notification attempt seems to be made.

I’m also unable to access the Jira ticket.

Where do you see debug logs? logs in notifications.log in server side? logs in Android?

Hello, everyone.

While the ticket visibility is set to internal, can I please ask you to install the previous 1.37.0 version and verify that it is working properly while waiting for the potential fix in the upcoming 1.39.0 that should be out some time this month?



1.37.0 Works flawlessly! Thank you @ahmaddanial
The logs I was referring to are those generated by the Mattermost server.

If it’s of any help, the device I was having problems with is a Moto G Stylus (XT2043-4) running Android 10 build number QPR30.80-58-8-3. Mattermost Version: 5.30.1


Android app v1.37.0 works successfully on my phone.
I hope problem will be fix in the next version of Android app

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