Edit New User Greeting?


I’m evaluating Mattermost for use in a law office. Our idea is to self-host for privileged communications. The greeting presented to a user when first logging in includes “Your team communication all in one place, instantly searchable and available anywhere.” and “Everything is archived and searchable from any web-enabled desktop, laptop or phone.” This sounds scary to a couple of users. Is it possible to edit these? I can not find it in the settings, so far.

Just to be clear, I’m assuming the “available anywhere” means that only credentialed users can view from anywhere, not that anyone in the world can view discussions. But the “searchable from any …” phrase is jarring to a couple of testers nonetheless. Thanks in advance!


Hi there!

This documentation may help https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/branding.html.

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Thanks, I think I found it. The setting is in the System Console at Experimental -> Features -> Enable Tutorial. I believe the tutorial includes the language I mentioned before. I haven’t tested yet, but this seems to be what I’m looking for.

I finally found the time to visit all the settings, and this one just happens to be at the bottom of the list. :slight_smile:

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