Position Searchable


for my Organisation, one point of using Mattermost insteat of email is the possibility to find and contact people much easier. But not everyone knows each other so it would be great that we could find people by their position description.

I hope you like the idea. Also i hope, its not something that take a lot of effort by the developers.

Thank you for making Mattermost,
have i nice Day


Hi Juls and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Actually, you can do that. CTRL-k/Cmd-k opens the “find channels” window where you can just start typing the position of one of your colleagues and it will then show the matching results, but it will not show the position name itself (which is not a good user experience, but at least it means that the search functionality for that is here already).

Would that (if the position is also displayed in this box) be usable for you then?