Enquiry to creating mattermost server

Hi, can I check let say if I create 3 different VMS( 1 for mattermost server, 1 for postgresql and 1 for nginx server) do I need to have ssl for mattermost server?

I know that I have to have ssl cert for nginx server.

Yes, you would typically need SSL/TLS certificates for both the nginx server and the Mattermost server.

For the nginx server, SSL certificates are required to encrypt the communication between the client (e.g., web browser) and the nginx server, ensuring secure data transmission.

For the Mattermost server, SSL certificates are also recommended for securing the communication between clients (Mattermost desktop or mobile apps, web browsers) and the Mattermost server. This is especially important if you’re accessing Mattermost over the internet rather than just within a private network.

Using SSL/TLS certificates for both servers helps ensure the security and privacy of data transmitted between clients and servers.