How to map nginx to mattermost server so my mattermost server get https

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Issue in one concise sentence
I now have 3 different virtual machine servers (mattermost server, mysql server and nginx server)
how to map my nginx proxy to my mattermost server
mattermost server ip:
mysql server ip:
nginx server ip:

Steps to reproduce
Install Mattermost on RHEL 8 — Mattermost documentation (i follo this docs)
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)
mattermost server 7.10.0
Expected behavior
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I used DNS challenge to get my letsencrypt cert however when put my dns which it is not https but http
Observed behavior
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Hi @7yuki7 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Please see this documentation about how to set up nginx as a reverse proxy for a Mattermost application server:

Since you already installed nginx and Let’s Encrypt, etc., you probably will only be interested in the part of the configuration that does the reverse proxy to the Mattermost application server. The example configuration you can see in the docs points to for the Mattermost application server, you should replace that with in your setup.
You need to install the Let’s Encrypt certificate to the nginx proxy then and it will take care of the SSL handling and forward unencrypted traffic to the Mattermost application server then.