Error on email verification resend


New to the game hosting something this large on my server. So bear with me. :slight_smile:

I finally got around to setting up my SMTP server with postfix and getting it into mattermost.

Here is the issue:

When a user initially signs up, the verification email sends without a problem (albeit to the “Spam” folder, but that’s a SMTP issue). HOWEVER, if the user loses the email or something, when I hit “Resend” it says there is an error and the email cannot be sent.

Also, I have no options that I can find to add integrations.

Lastly, as I cannot find any good updates around the site, is better admin controls still planned? I.e. - the ability to remove users from channels, shut down channels, better user groups permission control?

Thanks for any answers that you can provide.

Hi @SkiDooGuy, you should be able to find controls for deleting a channel and removing a user if you are an administrator or created the channel by opening the team and using the dropdown arrow beside the channel name. You can see more documentation about channels here.

If those aren’t the features you’re looking for, please feel free to open a feature request on anything new?

Hey @lfbrock, I can see you can remove a channel, thanks, however, it’s the user control I’d really be interested in. If you make a user inactive it removes their ability to log into any team, I’d prefer to remove them from individual channels and teams.

I couldn’t find any good updates to those features on the site planned features board.