Signup confirmation not received yet

I am not receiving the confirmation email for signup on


i just tried it and it’s working. Did you check your spam folder?

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Yes I have seen in the spam and all mails folder …The signup process should be changed from verification email first then the rest fill up details this way email is verified in advance … I think I did typo in email that’s reason the mail is not delivered …

Still no verification email yet ?

Hello, @Vyapaari .

Were you able to sign up for an account again since you mentioned that there was a typo in the email before?

Additionally, can you please check if the SMTP that you are using to sign up blocks any incoming mail from specific domains?

1 .When I try to re register it says
An account with that username already exists.

  1. When I login with email it says
    Enter a valid email or username and/or password, or sign in using another method.

  2. When I recover with email it says
    If the account exists, a password reset email will be sent to: (removed )
    Please check your inbox.

  3. When I login with username it says
    Please verify your email address. Check your inbox for an email.

SMTP is no problem as other services email are going through .

I think in general the signup process should be refined again for all new users and I guess the the typo for my email needs to be manually corrected.

Can you send me a private message here on the Forum with details about your username and email and I can ask our admins to fix your account?

Hey @amy.blais check the pm

3 mails came for the verification link but they are broken now still is not verified.

Hi, @Vyapaari

Can you share more details on the broken verification link?

  • What is the error that you are seeing when you clicked on them?
  • When was the email received and when did you open it (preferably the date and time, if you can remember)?

This will help us to understand the issue better. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey @ahmaddanial Please check pm

@amy.blais @ahmaddanial I am on standby…
I hope I get the access to the community…

Hi, @Vyapaari I have responded to you personally. Pardon me for the delayed response. Long day.

@ahmaddanial nvm boss we r humans we need break too …too much on the plate … Ok let me try what u guys have done back in the hood

Based on the diret conversation I had with @Vyapaari, we can confirm that the issue is resolved. :+1: