HGS Mattermost Does Not Send Me Verification Email Upon Sign Up

Hi all,

My company has some consultant developers that use Mattermost, and they wanted to add me to their project, but when I signed up to join Mattermost, Mattermost never sent me a verification email. Even when I clicked “resend email,” I received no email. I checked all folders in my email account including spam. I also tried creating a new account with the same email address, but I received a “this account is already taken” message. Where or who can help me with this problem? It looks like they’ve had this issue in the past.


We’d recommend that you reach out to your System Admin, since Mattermost servers are hosted locally by the organizations that deploy them, so we do not have access to the server to check why the account verification email did not arrive or get sent out.

A recommendation would be to start with checking the authentication related settings https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/config-settings.html#signup.