I never received the confirmation email


I just created an account but i still waiting the confirmation email. But there’s nothing in my inbox nor in the junk folder. And i verified, the email adress i entered is correct.


We’re at the moment facing an issue where the smtp server can’t establish a TLS connection any longer - that’s why all of a sudden no more confirmation emails are sent (all other steps of the registration work normally though). Did you see the green ‘Verificiation email sent’ text with a checkmark after registering? If not it might be a similar issue?

Hi @stemy2 @Ju_St - Following up on this - do you still need help with this? If you still need assistance please let me know and I will help troubleshoot or ask one of our engineers to take a look.

I’m not receiving my confirmation email either.

Hi @SpaVec,

Sometimes those emails go to the Junk / spam folder, have you checked if the email arrived there?

Also, you could check with your System Admin if email notifications are enabled on your server: https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/config-settings.html#enable-email-notifications.

They’re not there either, I’ve already checked.
I’ve contacted the server owners about it. I’ll report back!