Error when deploying server and webapp


We want to fork the code and develop some custom functionality.
We followed the “Developer Setup” step by step to run server and visit webapp via chrome, but there were a lot of errors.

Steps to reproduce

The OS is ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 , and the codes of mattermost-server and mattermost-webapp are fork from github. The directory “~/go/src/” contains three subdirectory, including mattermost-server, mattermost-webapp and mattermost-redux.
Besides, the version of npm, node and go are 6.4.1, 8.12.0, go1.9.4 respectively.

Expected behavior

We hope to be able to access mattermost server through a web browser.

Observed behavior in the mattermost-server directory

(1)make test fails and gets the error message “Makefile:347: recipe for target ‘test-te’ failed”.
(2)make run goes fine, but the url “” has an error message found below.

We’re having trouble connecting to Mattermost. If refreshing this page (Ctrl+R or Command+R) does not work, please verify that your computer is connected to the internet.

After running make test, you see log messages on the terminal and at one point the tests stop running. The following screenshot is the observed behavior:

Hi @Developer, thank you for reaching out.

I’ve asked our developers to take a look at this.

Hi @Developer, can you share your log messages?