Latest master on Ubuntu 16.04: FAIL

Ran make

coverage: 45.8% of statements in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
exit status 1
FAIL 449.709s
Makefile:231: recipe for target ‘test-te’ failed
make: *** [test-te] Error 1

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Thanks @kjcsb for the report, a few questions

  1. When did the error begin to happen?
  2. Did you try to run it again? If so, does it each time fail at this point?
  3. Did anything change in your environment since you last ran make run?

Hi @jasonblais, I’m also getting this, responding with my situation. this is the first time I’ve run make on mattermost, I’m on a newly configured developer machine running Ubuntu 16.04.

  1. This error has always happened for me
  2. It fails repeatedly at the same step
  3. n/a

Looking at the line that is referred to in the make file we have the following:

230|test-te: start-docker prepare-enterprise do-cover-file
231|   @echo Testing TE

To be completely honest I’m new to Makefiles, I think this is running a test case on a number of docker sessions, but I’m not 100% sure of that, so I’m going to head off and research it a bit more. Any help in the meantime would be welcome and I’d be happy to provide more information to you about my system if that could help.

Many thanks,


Hi @TheFlyingPig, looks like it was failing on some tests, now I really suggest that you take a look at the Useful make commands in our documentation that way you’ll get a better understanding