Error when i upload Picture from New Android App

Hi !!

I have error when i send picture to MM (upToDate) from the new android App.

I don’t see anythings on MM logs…

Any body have a idéa ??


Version de Mattermost : 5.5.1

Version du schéma de la base de données : 5.5.0

Base de données : mysql

Ubuntu 18.x

Mobile Apps : 1.15 build 165

Thanks @Nicolas for the report.

A few questions to help us troubleshoot the issue:

  1. What kind of an error are you seeing? Is it that picture upload doesn’t work?
  2. How are you uploading the picture? Via an extension or directly in the Mattermost app?
  3. What Android version do you have, and which device? (E.g. Android 8.0, Samsung Galaxy S8)

If you need any clarifications on the above questions, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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