Error when installing

Hi everybody !

I try installing mattermost with : and I have this error when I come to 7.Test the Mattermost Server :

sudo -u mattermost ./platform
./platform: 1: ./platform:ELF����: not found
./platform: 2: ./platform: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

I follow exactly the documentation, I already tried to delete all I installed about MySQL and Mattermost for reinstalling and I have the same error. I also tried to install Mattermost Enterprise Edition v3.6.2 or v3.5.1 and the same !
I don’t know if it’s linked because I’m running on debian wheezy with a i686 processor ! It’s an old computer I used for an association

Thank you in advance for your answer !

Hi @sorgan,

The precompiled binaries only work on x86_64 operating systems. You may be able to compile it yourself for i686 (I seem to remember a community PR to fix 32 bit compilation very early on), but we don’t officially support it.