Failed to start Mattermost

Hi there!

First please do not delete the topic if I have not provided enough information, please just tell me. I am completely new to Mattermost.

So… I have installed Mattermost with MySQL on a Debian Buster machine. I have followed all the steps from the official docs for installing on Debian Buster. Sadly after the step “Configuring Mattermost Server” when I needed to restart my mattermost service, it does not start.

Here a log of journalctl -xe:
Here my config.json:

I hope you can help me. If you need more details please just tell me. Thanks in advance.


you need to decide which http server to use. You specified TLS for transport security but no cert was provided. If you use an “external” reverse proxy like nginx the transport security needs to be nil. And your siteurl needs to be set to https.


What can I type in to disable TLS? Just leave it blank?

I would have set up the reverse proxy after the first configuration and all working fine.


Yes leave it blank. If the webinterface expects input clear the setting in the config.json.

Thanks a much. Now it starts normal.

I hope I can come back to you all if I have other problems. :slight_smile:

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