Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at wss://

When I play with webrtc, firefox can't connect to janus's secure websocket. after web server response with webrtcToken successfully, firefox print out errors : 

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss:// …
When I look back at the janus starting logs,find that something may never start successfully:

Secure WebSockets server started (port 8189)…
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0941] NOTICE: Initial logging level 7
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0941] NOTICE: Libwebsockets version: 2.1.0 root@zbtx5-v2.0.0-188-ge67dfe1
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0942] NOTICE: IPV6 not compiled in
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0942] NOTICE: libev support not compiled in
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0942] NOTICE: libuv support not compiled in
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0944] NOTICE: Threads: 1 each 8096 fds
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0945] NOTICE: mem: platform fd map: 64768 bytes
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0945] NOTICE: Compiled with OpenSSL support
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0945] NOTICE: SSL disabled: no LWS_SERVER_OPTION_DO_SSL_GLOBAL_INIT
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0947] NOTICE: Creating Vhost ‘default’ port 7188, 2 protocols, IPv6 off
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0947] NOTICE: Listening on port 7188
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0947] NOTICE: mem: per-conn: 512 bytes + protocol rx buf
[2017/01/19 09:03:25:0947] NOTICE: canonical_hostname = zbtx5
Admin WebSockets server started (port 7188)…

The line 10(SSL disabled: ...), is this means that my secure websocket hasn't start successfully?


Hi @jungle how are you setting up the janus server? are you using mattermost-webrtc docker image or are you configuring your janus server from scratch?