Focalboard - “Bot does not exist” when enabling plugin

I recently became the admin of a Mattermost server, and I’m receiving an error when setting up Focalboard.

This is the error message:

{"timestamp":"2022-10-09 17:18:29.791 -04:00","level":"error","msg":"Unable to activate plugin","caller":"app/plugin.go:139","plugin_id":"focalboard","error":"error creating mention notifications backend: failed to ensure Boards bot: failed to patch bot: SqlBotStore.Get: Bot does not exist., "}

I’ve looked in the Users table of the database and did not see a bot account for boards. I tried creating one with the username @boards but to no avail.

How could I possibly repair this?

The server is running Mattermost Starter Edition 7.0.0.

Did a double take and saw that the bot was missing but the user was not. I let Boards create the bot again and copied its user ID from the Bots table to the Users table.

Seems to be working so far. I try not to mess with SQL but it was a last-resort approach that doesn’t throw errors!

Hmm… this could have been remrants of an old installation where boards has been not fully removed.
Is the plugin working now for you?

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Seems to be. I’ve not seen any errors, and others are able to interact with boards with no issues.

Alright, thanks for the feedback!

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