Boards disappeared after 7.4 update

Just updated to 7.4 version of mattermost, everything is working except boards, doesn’t show up on the menu and in system console is enabled. Tried disabling and enabling again but still not showing up.

Steps to reproduce
Update from 7.1 to 7.4, boards disappear even if they’re enabled

Expected behavior
Boards shoul appear and work

Observed behavior
Only error in the log is:

{“timestamp”:“2022-10-20 14:47:04.163 Z”,“level”:“warn”,“msg”:“Failed to localize message”,“caller”:“app/plugin_api.go:977”,“plugin_id”:“com.mattermost.apps”,“message ID”:“field.appID.description”,“error”:“message "field.appID.description" not found in language "es"”}

Are you using MariaDB?

I’m using PostgreSQL

Thank you, feel free to open an issue at Issues · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub.

Hi douglasroos and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

This sounds like a not working database migration.
Can you please disable the plugin in your system console, then enable debug logging and re-enable the plugin again? You should then (hopefully) see some additional loglines that might help us diagnose this issue further.

Also, if possible, please login to your PostgreSQL console, connect to your database and run the commands and post the outputs, please:

\dt focalboard*
select * from focalboard_schema_migrations;

Thanks! Just uninstalled and reinstalled the boards plugin and started working again

The same after update to 7.8

This plugin failed to start. cannot activate plugin: error initializing the DB: driver: postgres, message: failed to execute migration, command: executing_query, originalError: pq: could not create unique index "unique_user_category_board", query: DO $$ BEGIN IF NOT EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS WHERE constraint_schema = 'public' AND constraint_name = 'unique_user_category_board' AND constraint_type = 'UNIQUE' AND table_name = 'focalboard_category_boards' ) THEN ALTER TABLE public.focalboard_category_boards ADD CONSTRAINT unique_user_category_board UNIQUE(user_id, board_id); END IF; END; $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

Could this thread help Bug: Migration is not working (MM 7.7->7.8) · Issue #4593 · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub?

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Yes, thanks, it helped) I commented there with link on documentation