Matternost Boards 7.4.3 SQL error

Since activation of the Boards plugin on a Mattermost 7.4 server I get multipe of these errors.

error [2022-11-01 09:20:00.404 +01:00] Error notifying subscribers caller=“app/plugin_api.go:974” plugin_id=focalboard error=““could not get board & card for block c1moax95d17dzzpkfdwic8ra5ao: sql: no rows in result set””

Any Tip to solve the problem is appreciated.

Feel free to open an issue at Issues · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub.


what’s your boards plugin version and did you ever use it and have data in it or should it be empty and you just wanted to start using it?

As stated in the topic the board version is 7.4.3. Boards were activated for the first time.

Hi again and sorry for my late reply!

This message usually just means that the system tried to find data for a card which is not there and since this is your first use of Boards, this behaviour is actually expected since you do not have any cards (although the error message is irritating).
Can you confirm that these messages are not just being logged but are also causing problems in the boards plugin for you, like error messages in the GUI, broken functionality, etc.?

I can’t tell as I do not use the boards. I’m just the site admin. Those errors are really irritating. Better I stop reading the logfile with all its false positives.

Well, this message actually just means that the system tried to notify users about a card that does not exist anymore. This could be a race condition or something that needs to be fixed, that’s why I’m asking if this error message is still appearing or impacting your users.
Boards is a pretty new plugin in the Mattermost ecosystem and is under heavy development at the moment, which is why some irrelevant error messages slip through to the logs.