Focalboard with existing MariaDB Container?

Hey Folks,

is there a way to use Focalboard with an existing MariaDB Container?

In the docker-testing Folder on Github is just an example where you can create a new MariaDB instance

Thanks for your help

Hi @Bootleg5814 ,

yes, just skip the mariadb service here completely and point the database in your focalboard’s config.json to your external database instance as you can see here, f.ex.:

The hostname of the database needs to be resolvable from within your container, so if they both share the same network, you should be able to address it using its name, otherwise you’ll have to export the database port in your existing mariadb container and use the exported IP (or localhost, depending on your setup) as well as the mapped port for the connection.

Please see this example docker-compose file which contains definitions for an internal database and nginx, but it will also show how to map the config.json into the container so both files need to be adjusted to your needs:

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