Forgot email with which I registered

I installed mattermost and everything was working fine. Now somehow it logged me out after a week and I don’t remember what username/email I used to register. I am running a local copy at port 8065, it’s not in production.
Is there a way to recover the account I used since I have done a lot of configurations in it?


Hi @gitter

The fastest way to do this if you cannot recall the credentials you signed up with is to pull the information from the database hosting your Mattermost instance data. Please log in to the database (depending on which one you have, MySQL / PostgreSQL) and run the command:

  • MySQL

    • mysql -u <username> -p
    • USE <database_name>
  • PostgreSQL

    • Different machine - psql --host=<server_ip> --dbname=<database_name> --username=<username> --password
    • Same machine - psql --dbname=<database_name> --username=<username> --password

Run the following command to retrieve the email of the user you deployed Mattermost on:


Once done, reset your password via <url>/reset_password. Let me know how it goes on your end.

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Thanks, it worked!!!

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Hello, @gitter

You are most welcome. Any time!