[Solved] Password reset without email

Hello, our team is running Mattermost-docker in a closed enlivenment (VPN). We are not using email acoount confirmations and do not have any private email server. Users just registered once using team invite link, and then log in using their login and password. The problem rises when user forgets his password. Even system administrator can not reset it (or I just didn’t find a way to do that). Is there a possibility to resolve this issue without using emails?

Hi @ctn,

System admins should be able to go to System Console and next to the Teams heading click the + and add the team the user is on. Then click on Users underneath the team name, find the user, click the dropdown and you should have a Reset Password option.

@jwilander, thank you for the reply. As a system admin I added a team to the list, but in the users dropdown there was no such sing as Reset Password. Only Remove from team and make system or team admin. Actually now I have a different problem, having accidentally made system admin member of a team, so now there is no admin at all :tired_face: Any advice?

Which version of Mattermost are you using?

There are CLI commands you can use to recover from this https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/command-line-tools.html

Using Mattermost version 3.2.0 with a postgres database running in a docker container. How can I access ‘platform’ tool running in docker?

You can get bash access to the docker instance by running:

sudo docker exec -i -t <docker-container-name> /bin/bash

Once in, you need to cd into the mattermost directory which should be in /opt/ or /home/ubuntu/. Once in there you can run

bin/platform -help

To see the commands you can run.

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Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for. I was able to reassign system_admin role and also reset password for other user.

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