Admin account is locked in Preview Mattermost using Docker. How to fix?


Admin account is locked in Preview Mattermost using Docker.

Steps to reproduce
Many failed password attempts.

How do I recover the admin password if I use Preview Mattermost (without connected mail) + Docker install?

I remember the password. But I can’t login.

Were you able to resolve this? I have the same problem. I am locked out of my admin account and do not have email connected.


you both could use mmctl to reset the password or the e-mail address.
Depending on your deployment mode, you can access mmctl either directly from the console of your Mattermost server, or by starting it from within the container.

docker exec -ti <mattermost-container-id> mmctl ... or just mmctl ....

Since mmctl requires authentication, you should first make sure that EnableLocalMode is set to true in your config.json and restart the server, after that, you’re able to bypass user authentication via mmctl --local and can then use the user router to reset passwords, change e-mail addresses, create new accounts, etc.

Let me know if I should be more specific on any part of what I said so far and please help me doing so by providing more information about your deployment.