Admin Account logged out

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I entered too many times the password wrong and the admin account is locked.

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just enter a couple of times the wrong password and your admin account will be locked.
I am using the current available version

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I installed mattermost on a debian 12 server in the traditional way not as docker container.
I did setup a system account which is being used for the installation. This system account does not have a home directory.
I logged in but somehow the password save I did not copy the password correctly so I logged out the admin account.

I cannot reset the password using the mmctl tool because neither the regular user has the reqired config in the home directory nor the systemaccount has a home directory.
Is there a way to unlock the account or do I have to build the system from scratch?

You can su to root and then su to the mattermost user. No home directory just means you run from the / root and may need to specify the full path to mmctl, config.json, etc.