After migrating from cloud to self hosted system admin password is wrong


Admin can’t login to mattermost after migrating from cloud to self hosted server.

Installed Ubuntu server version Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS

followed this guide Install Mattermost Omnibus docs mattermost installing-mattermost-omnibus

Completed without errors

Logged in as the first user, thus becoming the system admin

Next I followed this guide Mattermost workspace migration docs mattermost cloud-data-export

created and downloaded the export file

uploaded the export file
imported the file
extracted the file

rebooted the server

I’m unable to login as the system admin now
wrong password
used mmctl user change-password islandtech
and get Error: changing user password failed: : The “Current Password” you entered is incorrect. Please check that Caps Lock is off and try again

Reinstalled both ubuntu and mattermost several times with the same unable to login

Any suggestions or assistance to complete the migration is needed


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I was able to change thesystem admin user password by the following commands

login to server then switch to the mattermost user

sudo -u mattermost -s
then entered the sudo password

next run mmctl --local user change-password [user]
answered no for Are you changing your own password
entered the new password successfully

connected to mattermost external fqdn login was successful

now to get email password reset to work

Hi @theislandtech , welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

Great to hear that you were able to fix the issue on your own and thanks for sharing the solution with us!

Would be interested in knowing how you moved your data form the cloud instance to Omnibus self hosted instance. I keep getting permission errors trying to import and extract the export file to the Omnibus instance.