Role and Password changed during import

After importing my slack files, 2 things happened. 1. it downgraded my account from System Admin to team admin so I can no longer access the dashboard and 2. it changed my password but I’m not sure what it changed the password to. I assume it changed it to my slack password but I login to slack using my google login so I have no clue what it would have changed it to

Is there any way I can get back in and change my role or am I SOL? There wasn’t anything particularly important on there that can’t be recovered but I’d rather not have to start over again. I’m hosting it myself in a docker container on my Unraid server so I have access to the config files and such.
If I am SOL and just have to start over what can I do differently to make sure it doesn’t lock me out again? I am a team admin on the slack channel, what role would I need to have to ensure when importing mattermost doesn’t change me to a plain admin and keep me as a system admin?