Gitlab 7.8.1 webhook to Mattermost 5.5.1: No text specified


Our partner has an old gitlab 7.8.1 server. Webhooks coming from this server throws an error into the logfile of Mattermost. If we try the same on it works without an error as expected. Is there anything I can try but upgrade the old gitlab?

Steps to reproduce

  • Generate a webhook url in Mattermost 5.5.1
  • Setup a new webhook in Gitlab 7.8.1
  • Test the webhook

Gitlab says that the webhook has been successfully requested but Mattermost log contains the following messages:

{"level":"error","ts":1559652194.857403,"caller":"web/context.go:60","msg":"No text specified","path":"/hooks/whp8gofrgpfgbbjqgozzpgf1tw","request_id":"fap3tc4ye7yq98wdcjrge6uqqo","

Hi @perriert, some things to try:

  1. Upgrade your Mattermost server to the latest (v5.10) as you mentioned.
  2. Post here the curl command that you are testing with.

Hi @amy.blais, thank you for your help!
I haven’t tried with curl yet, because it works well from to the same mattermost server. “Test the webhook” was just pushing the “Test” button on the UI of Gitlab CE.

Can I log the exact webhook requests somewhere with Mattermost? This way I could identify the differences between GitlabCE7 and the current gitlab dot com.

Hi @perriert, to debug webhooks in System Console > Logs , set System Console > Logging > Enable Webhook Debugging to true and set System Console > Logging > Console Log Level to DEBUG.