Gitlab preview links in MatterMost

I have a working installation of 8.9.6 Gitlab + Mattermost. When I paste urls to Wikipedia and YouTube into Mattermost, I see the link previews. However, when I link to Gitlab commits or issues, I don’t see any preview. Also, I’m assuming there is a short-hand for referring to issues, commits, diffs, etc. from Gitlab in Mattermost. How can I achieve gitlab link previews and what short-hand syntax is available?

Thank you!

Hi @manica,

The current link previews only work for certain specified websites, and there’s currently no way to short-hand link to GitLab.

We plan to update the way link previews work, so that any webpage with open graph meta data will create a link preview. We may add special cases for websites without open graph data afterwards.

You can open a feature request on adding GitLab previews or short links to GitLab, or let us know if it’s something you’re interested in working on a pull request for.