Go to Date Directly

Many times I need to look at a specific date and scrolling back to prior weeks is excruciating.
Ability to search by date or at least use the page up key to go back quickly would be very helpful.

Hi StodgyWaif,

you can use the Page-Up/Down keys to scroll in the history and you can also search for messages by date:


What client in what version are you using and what’s the version of your Mattermost server?

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Thank you!
I never noticed the date function in the search before.
I did try the page up and down keys again though and they don’t seem to work for me.
We are on server 7.2.0 and I’m using Windows client 5.1.1

Interesting - Page up/down works as long as I’m using Mattermost, because I do heavily use it here.
I’m also using the Windows desktop app in version 5.1.1.

So when you open a channel and click in the message area in the middle (in order to have the focus there), you cannot use the Page up/down buttons or the up/down cursor keys to scroll through the messages?

Yes that is correct. Neither the page up/down or the arrow up/down works in the message area.
The mouse scroll wheel does work though.

I also just tried it on the web page version and it doesn’t work there either.

Is there anything else I can check?

Can you reproduce this problem on a different computer or with a different keyboard? What keyboard layout are you using? Maybe changing the layout to something different helps. I assume that the page up/page down buttons work in all other applications, right?
Can you also maybe try to reproduce it in a second browser (Firefox, f.ex.)?

Thanks for replying.
I experimented a little more and figured something out.

In order for the page up/down and arrow up/down keys to work I have to click on a message, then close the Thread box that pops up then click the scroll bar. This behavior is consistent with the Chrome/Firefox and the Mattermost Windows client.

Not ideal but at least it works. It would be nice if when you entered a direct message or channel that the page up/down keys would just immediately scroll the thread. I understand that the up arrow is for editing the last message.

Thanks again.

You can disable this behaviour in the client:

When you’re inside the message formatting box, the keys only apply to this box so if you’re writing longer texts, you can use the page up/page down keys inside this box to scroll the content you’re writing. Not sure if it would be possible to use modifier keys like ALT or SHIFT or CTRL together with the page up/page down button inside the input field to scroll the channel in the background, this might be an interesting feature which you could suggest in the uservoice forum.

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Thanks so much for the advice!
Turning off the thread pop up has made it work much better for me.
I can now click in the message thread and the arrow and page keys work right away.

Awesome, glad to help :slight_smile: