How can I update the Mattermost installation on my QNAP device?

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I’m using the latest Mattermost service on my QNAP NAS installed from Official QNAP Store (lastest is Recently my mobile client’s Mattermost app’s showed me the warning message that the server is outdated and needs update. Unfortunately QNAP’s support told me that the maintainer of the package is Mattermost Inc. not QNAP. Does anybody know is there any chance for the developers to update the package ? The solution worked perfect but last update was around a year ago or so ?

I know that i can use it from non official QNAP repositories but I would rather stay on the official solutions.

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I’ll second this. I’m new to Mattermost, found that installing it on my personal QNAP was a great way to kick the tires. Seeing QNAP is stuck at 5.0.0 with the app throwing errors about the old version makes it seems like Mattermost abandons integration. Not a great first impression.

Is there an update coming for QNAP, or a preferred way to deploy on QNAP that doesn’t use their app store? Having it out there but out of date seems worse than nothing at all.

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You have to ask the QNAP team to update the mattermost pkg.


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Per the QNAP App Center Directory the owner and maintainer of their app center entry is Mattermost, Inc. and was last updated by Mattermost 2019/06/06 -

Frankly, I have no way of knowing which is correct, but delegating resolving this to users when a large platform is presenting an old, incompatible version of your product seems like the wrong path.

Perhaps someone at Mattermost could contact QNAP on our behalf and take us out of the loop?

go to the link Ive sent you and ask stephane to update the qpkg.

I dont like to repeat myself.

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Stephanie appears to be in charge of maintaining this package:

The package we’re asking about in this thread is in the on-board QNAP store:

As I posted, this latter app catalog is the on-board catalog for QNAP and according to QNAP support the maintenance of THIS package falls to Mattermost, Inc. as they were the original submitter.

Next time, please read the message you’re replying to thoroughly before sending a rude reply with the wrong answer.

@HackerLlama & @pawelsson - Sorry for the confusion on the QNAP package. We have been in contact with QNAP support over the last few months to see what can be done about updating this package. Unfortunately, Mattermost does not maintain this package and we aren’t completely sure how it originally was put in the QNAP Store. We are seeing what can be done about this.

However, the best solution to get Mattermost on your QNAP device would be to use our Docker install to set up Mattermost. Here is a guide on containers in QNAP. We have had users find success in this route and this appears to be the most ideal way to run Mattermost on QNAP.

Another alternative would be to take advantage of our Cloud Hosted product that comes with all the benefits of Mattermost without the maintenance!

If you have any questions about this let me know!

Is it possible to get ready-to-install yaml script for Docker install procedure on QNAP?

The link you provided under “Docker Install” carries a big warning that “this project is no longer supported.”

It seems this is the current recommended docker hub entry:

And it comes from this dockerfile:

However, when deploying this docker image on Qnap with Container Station it complains about not connecting to the database. I’m sure there’s a fair bit more legwork to do here (as opposed to the turn key, just works experience with the Qnap App Center), but all the guides seem to assume raw Linux, and the Container Station UI makes it hard to follow any of these guides.

It seems the previously linked QNAP site:
might still be the best option for QNAP users, but please do advise if there’s any better guide for getting it up on containerstation.

Seems to work on QNAP via Docker (ContainerStation) YML app

    POSTGRES_USER: mmuser
    POSTGRES_PASSWORD: mmuser_password
    POSTGRES_DB: mattermost
  image: postgres:11.0
  image: mattermost/mattermost-team-edition
  - db:db
  - MM_USERNAME=mmuser
  - MM_PASSWORD=mmuser_password
  - MM_DBNAME=mattermost
  - MM_SQLSETTINGS_DATASOURCE=postgres://mmuser:mmuser_password@db:5432/mattermost?sslmode=disable&connect_timeout=10
  - 8065:8065