Omnibus docker and NAS... it's possible?

Just an idea :slight_smile: could be feasible use omnibus on a installation of Mattermost 5.x actually as (official) app on a qnap NAS ?

Hoping in some help,
thank you !

I don’t think that this is possible, since Omnibus is basically just a collection of ansible automation scripts that automate the installation of Mattermost + the necessary components like the PostgreSQL database server etc. for you and Omnibus is currently only supported on Ubuntu. The official instructions do not even support Debian f.ex. as an alternative although it’s not much work to get that done and my PR for that is not being considered for some months so I have to assume that there is no interest in supporting other platforms that are at least similar to Ubuntu, so I’m pretty sure that there will not be any work done to support Omnibus on QNAP. Additionally, 5.x is very old and there won’t be work done on that release anymore, you should consider upgrading to the latest release (7.10.2 as of today).

hi Alexander, nice read you again,
5.x is really stable and works so smooth, but without a way to backup the db,
I am stuck with it.

I still did not get access to a QNAP system in order to play around with that, but some others posted topics in the last few months here about QNAPs, maybe you can find some information there?

yes, please give me all links, and I will try.