How do I re-create a channel?

I had a channel, called “Foo”, and then I deleted it.

Now I want to create a channel called “Foo” again, but I can’t - it says:

“A channel with that URL was previously created”

How do I either create a new channel, or un-delete (revive) the old channel?

I don’t want to create a “Foo2” channel…

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I second this request. If, as it seems, the channel is “archived” rather than deleted, there needs to be a way to bring it back from the dead, and if necessary (as is my case) to be able to convert it’s type (eg from public to private).

I also ran into this recently. My understanding at the time is there isn’t a supported way to reuse the name, but I’d be happy to be told otherwise :smile:

There was work in progress to be able to archive channels, and the team ended up shifting to other priorities so “Delete Channel” is currently an archive (hence the name collisions) until archive gets added back.

Channel archives didn’t make it in v1.3 release coming out on 12/16 and would be candidate for a future release. If anyone wants to add a feature idea to be upvoted it would help raise the priority.

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Yea i really hope they add this very basic feature.

It was found a solution? you can shortly hope to have this feature?

Yup, I also want to bring back the dead. Or delete the channel proper.

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Guys, check out this one: