How to downgrade from Enterprise to Community Edition

Dear Team ,
Earlier we were using Mattermost community (Teams )version 5.22.2 but for some testing we temporarily upgraded it with Mattermost Enterprise E20 (trail) version . After testing we have removed the Mattermost E20 Trail license but its still showing following message " Edition: Mattermost Enterprise Edition. A license is required to unlock enterprise features."

Any idea how to covert it to Mattermost Community Edition without hampering current setup.


Hello, @rohan23

Since you are using an older version of 5.22.2, I would recommend you to consider upgrading to the latest stable version of Mattermost.

Meanwhile, what you are seeing is expected. As you can see, this is how it looks like on the latest Mattermost Server version:

And this is what you have on 5.22.2:

May I know if you were expecting to see a different UI from your end?

So by default it is working on the Mattermost Team Edition so no need for any action to be taken or is it pending for us to enter any kind of license file to work as Team Edition.

Hi, @kfarrag

Yeap, it is running on Team Edition if you don’t have any Enterprise E10/E20 license uploaded. So, there is no need for you to upload any sort of Team Edition license.

hi @ahmaddanial
thanks for your dedicated.

I have same issue above, when i’m using the trial Enterprise Edition then i like upgrading MM ver.5.31.0 to latest ver.5.38.2 by instruction as following URL: Upgrading Mattermost Server — Mattermost documentation
But after finishing the upgrading, MM ver. didn’t change to ver.5.38.2
do i have to do the other upgrading instruction ?

Hello, @NgMDat

The fact that the version is still showing the old version could mean that the 5.38.2 server files that you downloaded was not copied over to the installation directory properly.

Can you try out the upgrade cheat sheet that I have here to see if it helps?

cd /tmp
tar -xzf mattermost*.gz
cp -R /opt/mattermost/config/* /tmp/mattermost/config/
sudo su
mv /opt/mattermost/data /tmp/mattermost/data
rsync -au /opt/mattermost/plugins/ /tmp/mattermost/plugins
rsync -au /opt/mattermost/client/plugins/ /tmp/mattermost/client/plugins
systemctl stop mattermost
mv /opt/mattermost /opt/old.mattermost
mv /tmp/mattermost /opt/mattermost
chown -R mattermost:mattermost /opt/mattermost
systemctl start mattermost
**Confirm Mattermost is working**
rm /tmp/mattermost*.gz
rm -rf /opt/old.mattermost/

hi @ahmaddanial
thanks for your dedicated.

With your setup script I think that MM ver.5.38.2 server files was copied to the installation directory. But i can not startup MM service then i got the error log as following.

I think that I have to upgrade PostgreSQL server to ver.10.0.