How to enable Mattermost service?

I have installed GitLab CE docker image on a container, using command below. Does it contain MatterMost instance that I can start? OR do I need to installer GitLab Matter Most separately?

docker run -d -p 5080:80 -p 5022:22 -p 5443:443 --name gitlab_ce \
--hostname 10.xx.xx.x \
--restart always \
-v /data/gitlab_ce/etc/gitlab:/etc/gitlab \
-v /data/gitlab_ce/var/opt/gitlab:/var/opt/gitlab \
-v /data/gitlab_ce/var/log/gitlab:/var/log/gitlab \

Hi @hassanfarid,

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Here are some links you might find useful:

I hope these help?

Hello @lindy65,

Thanks for your response. I have seen the second link before, and have tried what it says.

I was trying to run it on same server, I can;t get Mattermost running on 8065 port. ( I am assuming, it should be running on this port.

Hi @hassanfarid

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I’ve done a little more digging and found similar posts which might give you some insight:

Please let me know if these links don’t help and we’ll troubleshoot further.