How to integrate the Mattermost React Native app with an existing native iOS app?

I’m trying to integrate the Mattermost app inside a view of a Swift iOS app. I’m following the steps shown here but I get these errors when the bundle is loaded:

Invariant Violation: Native module cannot be null.

Invariant Violation: Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling runApplication)

It seems that it doesn’t find the app module inside the bundle, and I have found something weird
about the Mattermost app, it doesn’t have an AppRegistry.registerComponent defined.

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@ahmaddanial would you be able to elaborate further on this, or direct it towards the correct people who would have the information needed to fix this one?

Has anyone the solution to this?
I have tried to make an RCTRootView but I don’t know what name to put in moduleName.
I have seen the same as @roberto10labs, there isn’t AppRegistry.registerComponent defined.
(Sorry for my english)