Native Mattermost app?

I’ve been trying to get Mattermost to run in a web container, so that I have a separate app to switch to when someone contacts me. On the Mac, there’s a cool app called Fluid (, which has accomplished this several times before. With Mattermost, it worked for a short while, but the next day, it failed to load. I see in the web inspector that it’s complaining about:

TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘’)

Any ideas how to work around this? Thanks!

Try Matterfront:

Matterfront looks interesting, i may give that a try!

I also created a really simple chrome web app wrapper for mattermost that works pretty well for my team.
Mattermost Chrome App:

Thanks @tmuka! This looks great! Let us know if when you feel comfortable with us sharing on

Thanks, @it33, i’d be happy to have it included in that list. It’s pretty simple, but it’s been working great for my team…

@H3Chief I gave Matterfront a spin and it looks promising but produced a fairly broken web layout (popups that couldn’t be dismissed, content scrolled off the screen, etc. I’m wondering if this is a function of in not being able to handle my 1.2.0-RC1 instance of Mattermost. Is it known to work with the stable version? Anybody else confirm it breaks with the current RC?

Thanks @tmuka! Link added, and tweeted.

Just curious, it looks like you made a fix for this ticket while you were making your app.

Wondering how, or if, you dealt with the on_hover for the individual messages?

We’re been trying to figure out how to make this work so we could clear the ticket.

@alerque, while we’re definitely excited about Matterfront I haven’t yet used it personally. @H3Chief had been working on it, not sure if he has feedback…

cool! @it33

Yeah, i used CSS to hide the username/timestamp for individual messages unless they are hovered. It may not be perfect since it doesn’t show the username the first time either, but i talk to the same people all the time. This CSS excerpt from

It does look like that could be easily adapted to only hide it for subsequent messages from the same user by adapting the css to look like
.same--user .post-header-post { and .post-header-post {

does that make sense? I could write it all up if that helps…

Thanks @tmuka!

Very cool,

We’d probably need the username shown, but the CSS is helpful. I’ve added it to our existing ticket accepting pull requests to add this to the product,

Highly appreciate your help!