How to know if plugin is the answer to my wishlist?

I have been a slack user in the past and came across MM recently and see great potential. I heard about the plugin hackathon which is going on now and would like to know if it can be the answer to some of the items on my wishlist:

  1. @ can be extended to have a more sophisticated sorting other than alphabetical
    a. most recently used
    b. other symbols for customized search/find a user, eg: @1 for contact of the most recent msg assuming numbers cannot be the first char as username

  2. include configurable “business hour” for users. it will support a couple of use cases:
    a. user is restricted to log in outside “business hour” for employers to promote a balanced lifestyle
    b. user tries to respond within “sla” during “business hour” for demanding employers or businesses

  3. need-based message encryption/signing with key (pairs)
    a. it shall be straightforward for 1-to-1 communication
    b. not sure about group chat

  4. keep “topics” within a channel, people can easily follow and chat about interesting topics
    a. users don’t need to create more channels for topics in the first place
    b. users chat on topics without leaving the channel
    c. a topic can mature to become a new channel

AI/ML can be a big part of this, but I don’t think plugin is the place for it, it has to live in the MM platform.

Thanks for reading through and hope it can trigger some thoughts and actions!