How to launch a customized mobile app with "Browse App"

We are now offering our own mobile app
I released a customized mobile app,
I can’t start it from “Browse with app”.

Could you please teach me how to launch your own mobile app from “Browse with app”?

Hello, @k-narazaki

Can you please let me know what is the error or issue that you run into when you tap on the Browse with App button?

  • Does it not launch the Mattermost app that you have installed on the mobile device automatically?

  • Were there any errors that was shown on the screen after you tapped on the Browse with App button?

  • Can you share more details on how you customized the mobile app? Did you refer to the build your own app documentation when you built it?

If you can share more details such as screen shots of the behavior, that will help us to shed more light on this issue.