How to login(authentication) from other system or etc

I want to connect mattermost with other systems

  1. I am wondering how to enter mattermost url, log in and redirect to another system.
  2. When I log in to another system and access mattermost, I want to know how to authenticate automatically with user information in DB and create token without log in newly.

I wonder if I should add a plugin and how to configure it.

Thank you.

Hi @bje! Thank you for reaching out.

Can you help with more details on what you mean by “other systems”?

thanks for answer, @amy.blais

other system means “IBM Security Access Manager”

the step is…

  1. users login “IBM Security Access Manager”
  2. user try to access mattermost
  3. “IBM Security Access Manager” will send header include some cookie data
  4. I want to authenticate mattermost use cookie data(maybe mattermost username is same as cookie data)
  5. if cookie data is null, i want to redirect “IBM Security Access Manager” sso
  6. i try to modify login.go file but I can’t access it

so, what should i do…
please let me know, some guide or how to authentication without password…

thank you :slight_smile:

looking at - YouTube it seems that the ibm software provides saml for authentication through third parties. Mattermost (enterprise) supports saml as well.