Tight integration

You do not need very tightly integrate intranet site mattermost . It is necessary that the users do not have to enter login \ password several times (or log in through a service) How best to do this?
Now I have done the following:

  1. All Members of the site database moved (via IPA) in mattermost .
  2. The database mattertost replaced them hash of the password hash from the database of the site (but the ugliness of that podelaesh passwords I do not know :frowning: )
    3 …

After step 2, users can mattertost comes in with their usual username and password.

But to do that would mattermost learned my users at once? (Assuming that they are logged in)

Hey @danilvoe, thanks for the question.

Just to make sure I understand – you’re interested logging in through a service so that a user doesn’t have to enter login and password information each time. Is that correct?

If so, I encourage you to take a look our OAuth 2.0 documentation. Mattermost 3.4.0 and later allows Mattermost to authorize API requests from external applications.

The authorization allows users with an account on a Mattermost server to sign in to third-party applications. You can find a sample OAuth2 Client Application for Mattermost here to test the functionality.

not interested in integration when users simply enter login \ password and get into mattermost while nobody asks after what they want to go, or whether you can log in through OAuth.
But the most important primary information about the user is not found in the database mattermost, polzzovatelyah data contained in the database of the site, mattermost maximum stored copy of the data for the needs of mattermost.
Probably it is not possible to do without interference mattermost code.
For yet the introduction mattermost in my organization in question now (through no fault of mattermost), and if a decision is made in the direction mattermost I skipped sign for more specifically what you want to do. Good luck mattermost.

Thanks @danilvoe for the response!

Would you be able to help explain what you mean by the following? I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to jump to assumptions, but it sounds like your looking for particular information about the user in the database?

Maybe I’m wrong to describe what you need.
It should be like the glue site and chat. Members who are on the site must be the same in mettermost. In this case the user does not have to do anything for that would get to the mattermost (well, most enter login \ password), ideally at all that would not even need to enter your login and password.
It can is possible through the OAuth do but so that the user at the same time neither of which did not. (From the site, if you want you can make any improvements for this).
P.S. writing through https://translate.google.ru/ possible on this, we do not understand each other. :frowning:

Возможно я неправильно описываю, что нужно.
Нужно как то склеить сайт и чат. Пользователи которые есть на сайте должны быть так же в меттермост. При этом пользователь не должен ничего делать для того что бы попасть в маттермост (ну максимум ввести логин\пароль), идеально вообще что бы не требовалось даже вводить логин и пароль.
Может можно как то через OAuth сделать но так чтобы пользователь при этом ни чего не делал. (со стороны сайта , если требуется можно произвести любые доработки для этого).

Можно воспользоваться API Mattermost (раздел Users) для регистрации аккаунтов. Возможно получится сделать ещё и вход в MM, но я в этом не уверен. :slight_smile:

через API я их и запихиваю. Единственное проблема с паролем, т.к. я его не знаю, в БД сайта он зашефрован и приходится через костыль перекидывать хэш пароля благо mattermost его смог понять