How to redirect url before login? or add plugin?

maybe this is the most stupid question for this week/month
I try to connect other system and mattermost system…

I just wondering that If I access /login url, how to redirect to other url before login or authentication.
And I wondering http request intercept before login… to other sso

so, how to solve this
just add customize plugin add?

i want to know other method or process…
Please help me to fix it.


Hi @bje! Thank you reaching out.

I’m not sure of the answer as I don’t have enough knowledge of the topic, so would you like to join our nightly build server - the community and our engineers are more active in that server than here on Forums, and I’m sure someone can help answer your question there! There are many channels you can join, e.g. Developer Toolkit and Peer-to-peer Help!

Thanks for answer @amy.blais

I will try to ask to channels! :slight_smile:

Thanks you

@bje - Awesome! Also, depending on what system you are using, we have some documentation related to redirect urls if you search for the word “redirect url” in the docs: