I get a black screen after upgrading to 5.7.0 on my Mac Desktop

Hi, I just upgraded to 5.7.0 of the Mattermost desktop app. I’m using Mac OS 11.7.10 “Big Sur.” When I open the app all I get is a black screen (there are flashes of white, and then it settles to black after several seconds). I also get a blank window when I open preferences. I’ve tried clearing the cache and reloading. I have no upgrade guide…the Mac App Store told me there was an upgrade available, so I said yes.

Is my Big Sur OS too old for this upgrade? The previous version worked fine; if 5.7.0 doesn’t work on my OS, how can I go back to the older version?


Hi, would you be open to creating a new issue here Issues · mattermost/desktop · GitHub, with details on what crash you’re seeing?

Older versions can be found here Releases · mattermost/desktop · GitHub.

The changelog might help.