Inline editing is not possible for mobile browser usage

Hi, I found the save button is gone for post editing in v6.6. The only way to save is to input ctrl+enter key, which is not possible for mobile browser webapp .
Is there any way to save the edited post by some “save” button?

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I’m having the same issue, it’s a really poor experience for those of us that can only use the mobile browser app (instead of the native phone app, due to workplace security policies).

How to reproduce:

  1. Open Mattermost in a mobile browser, like Chrome on Android or Safari / Chrome on iOS.
  2. Post a message to a channel.
  3. Edit the message you’ve posted.
  4. The UI shows “ENTER to Save, ESC to Cancel”.
  5. On a mobile browser, there is no “enter” or “esc” key, and there are no buttons in UI to confirm editing or cancel editing.

It would be great if someone could fix this in the next update. :pray: Thank you!

Screenshot of the problem for clarity:

We have a ticket open here: [MM-44797] - Mattermost.

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