Can't save edited message that use code markdown

Step to reproduce :

  • send a message (eg. a small code snippet)
  • edit that message and add markdown code block (your code)
  • press enter to save again

Expected : the message is saved

What happened : it keeps jump to a new line and there is no way to save
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Same behavior with the software client and the web client.

Hi TearsOfSky and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I’m unable to follow your reproduction instructions, sorry.
So on the desktop client you can send a message using the code block formatting just fine. Afterwards, when you want to edit this message and add an additional line to it, f.ex., you’re then unable to save it, is that correct? If so, I’m unable to reproduce that on my test systems here.

What mattermost server version are you using?
What mattermost desktop client version are you using?
What operating system are you working on?

Hello agriesser,

Not exactly.

You send a message in plaintext, without formatting it. Then, you edit that message and you add the code block, and you try to save it again.

Server : 6.6.1
Desktop : 5.1.1, also tried with the web client
OS : Debian Buster 10

Step 1: Enter text without formatting

Step 2: Start editing

Step 3: Finish editing and hit save


It seems as if the syntax detection does not work upon editing and defaults to some non-specific value, you can (however) force the syntax detection which will then make it look like you entered the code correctly right from the beginning:

Step 3, Method 2:


This has been tested on 7.2.0 - let me know if your experience differs from mine here and if so, in what step so I can try to spin up a 6.6.1 instance and try to dig a bit deeper here.

Thank you for your answer.

I don’t have the “save” and “cancel” buttons in my version, probably because it was added in 7.2 : Mattermost self-hosted changelog — Mattermost documentation

  • Added Save and Cancel buttons for post inline editing.

So, the only way for me to save a message is to press Enter.
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That’s why i’ve jumps in my initial message.

Doesn’t really matter - the buttons just emulate the ENTERand ESCAPE events, but I booted my 6.6.1 installation now and found out that hitting ENTER did not close the box, but CTRL-ENTER does (the rest behaves exactly the same). So please just use CTRL-ENTER to close the box.

CTRL+Enter works, thank you !