Display Markdown input method guide

In the old Mattermost, I remember that “Markdown input method guide” was displayed at the bottom of the text area in each channel.
Nothing is displayed right now. Is it possible to make it visible?

Mattermost 5.21.0,

Hey, Yes it is possible to turn it checking the option Show markdown preview option in message input box in Account settings > Advanced > Preview Pre-release Features sections.

Thank you for information. I did not know the existence of that preview setting.

But that’s not what I want to know.
In the previous version, for example, “**” made characters bold, or “Reference” was displayed. I want to revive it.

Aah got it. Sorry, i am not sure of any setting that could have turned off. I see that on 5.21v instance i am using and it appears as soon as i type in first character

Is my environmental problem?
It is not displayed on Mattermost (Win, iOS) or Web browsers (Firefox, new Edge).

Hi, @Babbles

This is what I am seeing on my Mac 4.4 desktop app after I typed in the first asterisk (besides _ , >, etc.) character:

Can you please confirm on the following?

  • The last version you recall the feature was available on so I can test the behavior?
  • The current desktop app version that you are on now?

Also, do you want it to be permanently visible on the bottom of the message input box?

Thanks for introducing the screenshot. I want it to be displayed correctly.

Sorry. Currently I don’t have a downgrade environment and can’t try.

Windows Mattermost app is ver.4.4.0.
iOS Mattermost app is ver.1.29.0

My Mattermost doesn’t show the reference as in your screenshot.

What is your setting set to for Account Settings > Advanced > Enable Post Formatting?

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Oh, thank you!
I turned off “Enable post formatting” and the input guide was displayed.

However, when the input guide is displayed, the message style is not applied. This is difficult judgment…
If the style is applied to the message and the input guide is displayed, it will be very easy to use.

Hi, @Babbles

Can you provide a screen shot on how it looks like on your end as of now after the enablement of Enable Post Formatting?

Just trying to understand the current situation better.

I currently have this feature turned on and the input guide is hidden.


@Babbles I think I get what you mean. With the Enable Post Formatting set to On:

  • You want to have the input guide displaying at all times instead of after typing a character.
  • You also want the formatting to be displayed real time instead of shown after the message is sent.

All in one feature. Is that the feature that you are looking at?

Yes. I’m often asked by mattermost users about how to style text. And they want rich text display.

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@Babbles From one of your earlier comments you were saying that the help guide is not visible at all even after entering few characters.

Is that the case? Or you want to have the help guide on by default even when there are no characters entered?

The Mac version seems to behave differently. When I operate my Mattermost on a Mac, when I type a few characters, the input guide is displayed whether Enable Post formatting is on or off.
However, unlike the Windows version, the Mac version does not change the message format in real time. Always in text mode. I have to activate the preview feature and press the preview link to see the formatting applied on the Mac version.

In the Windows version, if Enable Post Format is on, the input guide will not be displayed.
In the Mac version, the input guide is displayed regardless of whether Enable Post Format is on or off, but the format is not applied.