Message formatting tools

Good day.
We search alternatives for slack and deploy test instance of Mattermost.
First of all - this is great project. I’m fully satisfied with them.
But some of my collogues write that they missed for formatting tools (they don’t want to write markdown, but want to use button for bold, button for strike and so on).
I saw that there is gif with demo of mattermost possibilities on the main site ( On this gif i saw button with ‘Aa’. The same button in slack client show/hide formatting panel.
But i don’t see that button in my client (Windows, version 5.0.2)
Is this button should be enabled by some settings? or may be this is some kind of plugin?

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This document may be helpful: Formatting Text — Mattermost documentation.

documentation contains formatting description - it’s ok,
but my question linked to UX - i want to use ui for formatting instead of writing markdown (actually no i am, but some of my colleagues)

What Mattermost server version are you on? You can find this from Main Menu > About Mattermost.

mattermost server: 6.1.0
installed via apt-get on ubuntu 20.04

FYI: today i upgraded to 6.2.1

any update on my questions?

This functionality is not yet supported. I believe our Marketing team was contacted regarding the gif.

ok.i see
may be you can tell about roadmap of client? may be that feature planned in future?

of course i can write extension to client (if i read documentation right), but i don’t want use custom solution if there is vendor based

It is under consideration for a future roadmap, but no specific plan yet.

@anatoly.kryzhanovsky This has been added to our planned roadmap for 2022. You can find details here and upvote the feature proposal on Uservoice