View markdown files

I imported slacks “post” files wich are now shown in mattermost withtout extension and cannot be easily viewed.

Steps to reproduce
Import Slack messages with “post” file in channel.

Expected behavior
Idealy there would be a way to view/edit the markdown content.

Is there a similar feature to slack “posts” (basically markdown files with in-app viewing and editing) in mattermost.
Is there another way I could make these file readable again?
Its really just markdown wrapped in curly brackets in a file without extension.
We used these a lot and found that functionality really useful.
But if there is no similiar feature it would be nice to at lead read the files content again in the app.

Thank for any help or hints

Hi proxycon,

I’m not sure I understand. I created a file called test on my system and dragged it into a Slack channel, this is the result:


Let me know if this is what you’re seeing in Slack and if not, please share a screenshot or more detailed instructions on how to reproduce that. Thanks!