Integration as a Nextcloud app


Since Mattermost is a great solution for well structured communication but misses well structured files, calendar and task management and Nextcloud is a great solution for collaborative work with files, calendar and tasks but misses means for well structured communication, I’d like to integrate Mattermost as a Nextcloud app as can be seen in the screenshot below and I’m looking for developers to join me.

Nextcloud integration

These two together could probably make the bestest free intranet/collaboration software evor!

Mattermost should be embedded in an iframe and Nextcloud should automatically synchronize its users and groups to Mattermost, such that every group corresponds to one Mattermost team. Which group should be synchronized could be specified via the “Limit to groups” app setting in Nextcloud. Users should automatically become signed in to Mattermost when opening the app.

Tighter integration of calendar events, deck cards and file sharing into Mattermost could be added later.

I already wrote an initial Mattermost plugin and a Nextcloud app that allow embedding Mattermost into Nextcloud and automatically signing in users to Mattermost. They are untested and should be considered insecure for now though. The synchronization and session management will take a lot of work still.

I’d be happy if someone joined the project :slight_smile:


See this post about allowing Mattermost to be embedded into iframes.

Here is some discussion on the community server and my post on the Nextcloud forum.

This GitHub issue is related.

If you are interested in contributing, see the development documentation for Mattermost and Nextcloud.

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