Feature Idea: Owncloud integration

Hi team, hi forum,

thanks for a promising tool for on premise team communication!

I want to promote my request for integration with owncloud:

Integration with the on-premise, open source owncloud file sync and share would make mattermost a powerfull tool for team communication and collaboration. It seems the work on webhooks will enable this indirectly (https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/8786968-add-slack-like-integrations) but it would be great if you could provide dedicated owncloud integration so that files stored in owncloud can be shared and linked to from mattermost conversations.

vote for it here!

p.s.: I hope its not considered spam to advertise for uservoice suggestions in the forum…it seems you are successfully using different channels to communicate, so I thought I d try as well to request what i believe would be a great feature.

I am not a developer, so I have no way of knowing of this is feaible, but I am sure one way to greatly increase your install and user base would be to release mattermost as an owncloud app so that it automatically integrates with a running instance. I admin a few and would immediately install this on all of them…

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Hi @menelic, thanks for posting! You’re absolutely welcome to post the feature idea here to discuss as well. Thanks for getting the conversation started. I hope your feature gets upvoted well!

i got owncloud and mattermost, how i can make owncloud talk to owncloud, i need update files on caht mattermost ?