Ipad connectivity issues solved?

I have been reading information about Ipads. Were you able to find ways to improve Ipads with the applications? Are the connectivity issues resolved? If so, what were the issues so that I can learn and utilize any tools necessary for my organization?

Hi @ovim! Thanks for reaching out.

Would you have a few links to share on the information you read? This will help me confirm if those issues are resolved / in progress.

[SOLVED] Native iOS App not for iPad? This the link I was referring about. I know it was time ago but issues are occurring in my organization. Looking for guidance and education. Thank you!

Hi @ovim,

We didn’t have support for iPad a year ago at all, and this is why people were seeing issues when using Mattermost on iPad. We’ve since then added support for iPad so it should work properly. We do have a few improvement tickets open to improve the UX, e.g. https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-10090.